Access to legal aid services

DOVVSU continues to provide the major entry point to the justice system and thus contributes to making domestic violence a visible public issue. However Information related to rights, services and protection and occupation orders is poorly provided because of the ignorance of DOVVSU staff about the legal procedures and application guidelines. If officers’ levels of knowledge are also low, then the service they are expected to provide is going to be compromised in terms of effectiveness. This significantly undermines women’s’ ability to navigate the justice system, make decisions and negatively impacts on the process of empowerment for female survivors of domestic violence.

Legal aid officers, and paralegals will empower women to claim their rights. Out of the beneficiaries, it is anticipated that 20 women will have their agency strengthened to apply for protection orders, women will be able to represent themselves as a result of coaching sessions, whilst vulnerable women will be able to access justice through the provision of legal aid.  The coaching of clients and provision of legal aid service has proved hugely successful in empowering women to assert their right to access justice.

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4 years, 6 months ago

The legal aid is a good initiative. How do I access it?

4 years, 6 months ago

DOVVSU is a good initiative by the government to help mitigate domestic violence